What Is Life Or Death Entertainment


“My inspiration for hip-hop began about 1976 in Rosedale, Queens, NY. Divine sounds a DJ crew from Brooklyn and some local DJs used to battle each other. At that time in hip hop, which might be considered it's genesis, they used to battle in a local schoolyard park, p.s.181 and J.H.S 231 with one crew set at one end of the park hooked up to the street light and the other crew at the other end of the park hooked up to the street light. Whoever had the loudest wattage system and/or the most speakers won the battle and the opponent had to pack it up and leave the park jam (a party in the park). Then MCs started evolving, rapping over the break beats on the records as the DJ spun the record back. It was the most amazing thing I had experienced. – Malik Smith”

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The rapid growth of the music industry from an urban Hip-Hop perspective to date has been astounding since its introduction in the mid 70's. 25+ years later it has made major influences on everything from sodas, sneakers, cell phones, magazines, film, two-way messaging devices, clothing, clubs, restaurants, and digital technology of various forms. This all adds up to a few billion dollars in endorsements and investments.

Life Or Death Entertainment is focused on recording artist development, target marketing, regional distributions and promotions. From a grassroots level Life Or Death Entertainment has delivered exceptional talent guidance and creative services over the past 10+ years. With an arsenal of ideas and a table full of talent we are only eager to launch some of the ideas we share as a company and as a family.

Our goal is to become a major competitor in five or more fields of entertainment. This will be propelled by confident investors supported by competent investments and a focused team loving their job. Our current inspirations come from many sources, from Virgin Music Group to Sony to Microsoft. Our future has fortune 500 written all over it. Life or death entertainment is looking forward to entertaining you in some form or fashion in the near future!


Life Or Death offers our artists and clients industry guidance that bridges the gap between the streets and the majors. In this competitive market, this guidance is delivered through our products and services.

  • Services Products
  • Music production
  • Marketing strategies
  • Logo Design
  • Business consultation
  • Regional radio and club promotions
  • Promotional touring
  • Artist management and development
  • Regional promotions
  • Creative services
  • Event coordination & support
  • Tee-shirt design & promotions
  • Music tracks - movie score, pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, and more
  • Recording artist - Ill Spittaz, others to be announced
  • Merchandising - tee shirts, condoms, scarves, belts, and more
  • Video gaming


  • 25 To Life Entertainment - logo design
  • Ablem Enterprises (Biz-Muzic seminars) shirt design
  • Black Hand Entertainment - street promotions / services and design
  • Daddy's House (Bad Boy Entertainment’s social program)- logo design
  • Soul Convention/Sony - logo design
  • Stonewall Media – advertising and creative services
  • Thugged Out Entertainment - logo design
  • Wise Guy Management - logo design


Life Or Death Entertainment has key partnerships with web hosting, video productions, music productions, and event coordinating firms. This includes a variety of entertainment industry resources and access to viable industry opportunities. Through our connections, we leverage business strategies to effectively access artist, products, and markets.