Showcase ClikBang(TM)

In a world where individuals thrive on competition, and a fight for the throne, MC's throughout the world see a chance to prove their lyrical vernacular (a chance to shine), and reign the underworld by proving they are the hottest MC's to grace the em-eye-see since the times of Grandmaster Flash, Dj GrandMaster Vic, Mikey Dee & DJ Johnny Quest, Koolmoe Dee and many other founding fathers of the hip hop battle.

ClikBang represents your mouth as the gun and your lyrics are bullets in the chamber. ClikBang metaphorically represents the tossing of slugs at one another. When the smoke clears, who will be the last one standing? What kind of bullets are using: hollowpoints, exploding rhinos, cop killas, or the famous 38 specials? See you in the battle grounds playa!!!!!!!!!!!!! CLIK BANG

The LORDs bring you that STRAIGHT STREET SH*T, straight from the streets to your ear. Check the "How To Get Down" area below or e-mail for info on how to get down with ClikBang

Need Beats?

ClikBang has the HOTTEST beats on the net . Are you an artist or record label that don't want to pay big $$s for production but still want to be heard? Do you want the hottest instrumentals backing you up?

ClikBang features professional Hip Hop and R&B instrumentals for any kind of artist

With many different styles/genres of beats at $14.95 each, it will be hard not to find the hot beat you need.

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How To Get Down With CliBang

Basically, you already are! To submit material, you have 2 options:

  1. Go to the ClikBang area of the Holla Grounds™ and use our online tools to upload your video, audio, or whateva.
  2. For the low-tech approach, send a MiniDV-(preferred), VHS, SVHS, or VHS-C tape to our mailing address. Submitting material assumes that you agree to our terms and conditions.
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