1987- I Carlton Preston “(puzzle)” has dedicated my life to the study strategies and execution in music marketing, promotions, and entertainment. After losing my older brother to the streets at the age of 17. I became torn between what he expected of me and the streets I lost him to. My older brother was my driving force, role model and a very responsible individual in my life. He kept me focused on school and future endeavors with hopes of a secured and concentrated future. So after graduating from Far Rockaway High School in Queens, New York I immediately pursued a degree in business marketing/management at Nassau College in Long Island, New York.

1990-1996 AHF Marketing- WATs Monitor Supervisor.
Job Duties: were to supervise call-interviewing procedures, as coding supervisor, data entry, and data evaluation, production strategies and survey consumers analysis. AHF marketing later merged with Macro-international incorporated.

Success favors the prepared working as a coding supervisor for a marketing company I supervised and assisted employees with daily tasks, monitoring telephone interviewers to make sure they followed procedure, as well as helped them troubleshoot any problems they might encounter during daily operations. Shortly after the corporate merger the company obvisiously downsized and I was laid off.

The good thing that came of this was it was a reinforcement that we needed to take Life or Death Entertainment to the next level. So a year later Life or Death Entertainment was incorporated. While attending music industry seminars throughout the United States. Our group practiced and studied almost everything we could about this business of music and we indulged in daily debates on why some artist succeeded or failed. Analyzing marketing strategies as well as bad choices or what choices might have been better. (Hip-Hop was studied in its entirety, North, South, East and West and how it is evolving)

I always had this interest in music before the days of Bizzy Bee, Kool Moe Dee, and quite a few others, although my first music industry experiences came when I met my partner (R.I.P) we formed a group called “ Poor boys from Hell” with a third member Shawn “Shot gun Slink” Thompson. This is when I duped the name puzzle-symbolic to a missing element, which I so readily am eager to provide at any given moment.

We have released a few mix tapes as well as few singles distributing over 15,000 units in small regions we are still trying to break the ice into the commercial mainstream rat race of major release and radio play. Gaining much experience and knowledge from the support of underground and college radio stations. I realized this was a challenging career that kept me wondering what was waiting for us beyond our next mission.

1997-2000 Chesapeake Packaging- Line Supervisor
Job Duties: entailed, production monitoring, employee training, finalizing product orders.

2000-present- Signed Wes Kraven to Life or Death Entertainment, A&R, recorded and strategically marketed Wes kraven. Soon after that we signed the Ill Spittaz Ricky Ruckus, Glue and Billionz whom I also A&R. We have launched a multi-city independent campaign spreading like wild fire across the globe focusing all energies, knowledge and experience into radio, promotional strategies and internet marketing.

In these years I’ve accumulated knowledge in promotions, radio, marketing strategies, target marketing, the purposes of street promotions vs. commercial promotions effective strategic song release industry adaptation (as this music game in constantly evolving anticipation is vital for survival in this business). My street experience and industry knowledge has been supported from a hefty investment of weekly magazines, charts albums, compilations, and soundtracks, studying the growth or demise of companies and artist.